Mantic Blog - Escalation League Week 12

So once again a very quiet week. I'm not sure if it was the MLK holiday or what kept people away - the weather was decent (for January), unlike today.

So only four of us showed up. I played my Basileans against Alex's Undead. The maneuverability and speed of the angels and lancers allowed them to pretty much pick and choose their fights. This frustrated Alex a little as one of her skeleton hordes just kept turning around to face things around it, which then flew over them (in the case of the angels). So in the end the Basileans sent the skeletons all back to their graves.

For a second game it was my Goblins facing off against Donny's Ogres. The mincers proved to be of typical goblin workmanship (meaning that they were completely ineffective), but combined charges with single trolls and fleabags did take out a unit of ogres, but both a mincer and the fleabags were destroyed in return by the chariots. The other mincer finally charged, did nothing, was then charged in the flank by more ogres and the captain, taking 17 wounds but getting snake-eyes on the nerve check. It was then that the game turned around, as both catapults hit the unit of ogres, destroying them, and the sharpsticks hit the chariots in the flank, the remaining troll in the front, and the spitters in the rear - and routing the chariots. Suddenly there were only two ogre characters left on the field, and the catapults took out one of them on the last turn - so the goblins got their first victory.

There were a couple of guys there playing 40K, but we did talk to them about Deadzone, and they seemed a bit interested. Big thanks to Keith, who actually ran a Deadzone demo for three (2 playing, on watching) people while I was busy with my league games - and that went quite well.

Because it is all fun and games . . .