Mantic Blog - DeadZone: Training Day - training the trainer

Never having been known for my patience when it comes to getting new toys, I am having a hard time waiting to get the rest of the demo set and/or my copy of the game. So when I saw the demo scenario posted this morning, of course I downloaded it.

I had picked up a large box of Pegasus Hobbies Platformer kit when I built the display board for my drunk dwarfs, and I kept wondering if I had enough tiles there to make the scenery for the demo.

When I got home from work, I set to it. With a little adjustments for the windows and doors, I pretty much duplicated it. Then cut down some mdf to size and mark the grid with a sharpie, print the cards from the scenario (with a little image manipulation - BTW the enforcers card images in the PDF are total crap, almost unreadable) and dig out some old confrontation counters appropriately relabeled with a blue sharpie, and I have my own practice demo set.

Game set up ready to play

First game playing by myself (ok, stop the snickering) went well. I had played a couple of games with the alpha and beta rules, so it wasn't that bad. I do feel that a good cheat sheet is needed - one that has a big enough font for my old eyes to read but has the majority of what you need on it. I'm thinking that to do it I'll have to edit down the text - a lot of it can be made much more precise.

Enforcers won, killing the HMG and two 3A's, while the plague found the intel (on turn 1) and killed and enforcer. Being fast really helps the plague to double up, but they have to roll well to capitalize on it (at least both sides were rolling pretty badly). The enforcer up on the building is great because of the height bonus, though using the +1 blaze away and the ammon with the HMG had him ducking for cover and pinned him for a turn. The biggest shot was rolling 9 successes (again with the guy on the building) against a 3A who did a respectable 3 successes on his survive, though it wasn't enough to prevent him from being turned into a cloud of infected, red mist. If only the last enforcer could have doubled his breakaway test (instead of losing and taking a wound, but getting away) then he could have lobbed his frag grenade at the two remaining 3A's which would have been a blast. (See what I did there :-) ).

After the carnage. Time for more practice games while I finish painting the enforcers and wait for my real set to come in.

Because it is all fun and games . . .