Mantic Blog - Somewhat Epic demos

I scheduled demos for Kings of War at Epic Loot - a local store, for this past Sunday. I get to the store, and it is pretty busy. There is a long line at the checkout, so it takes me several minutes to be able to talk to anyone there - and Christy, the manager I'd talked to, isn't there, and doesn't have anything on the schedule. But they tell me I can set up on any empty table, so I head over to the miniatures room.

And there are no empty tables. Christy forgot to reserve one for me, though there were two reserved at 3:30 for a Star Trek group, so they let me use one (and that group never showed up anyway). I set up four armies, but when I ask some of the people waiting for a game if they want a demo, they aren't interested. One person I knew, Chad, says he tried it a couple of years ago, and doesn't like "simple" games.

Eventually I did get talking to a couple of people, and started showing some of the other stuff I had with me, like the DeadZone demo miniatures, and then we got talking about Dreadball, and I ended up setting it up and running two demos of it - which both people really enjoyed.

Then just as I wrapped that up someone came over who had wanted to try Kings of War. He was actually a bit 40K and Warmachines player - had not played fantasy before. He really enjoyed the game with his orcs eventually tabling my elves when he rolled to get an extra turn.

Then as I was about to leave, Christy came by and we started talking, and I unpacked my stuff to show her the minis, talk to her about DeadZone and DreadBall. She talked to me about coming back to do more Dreadball demos - during their League of Legends nights as they have a lot more people show up than can play at once - so they end up sitting in a side room waiting - and she thought that might be a perfect time to set up and demo Dreadball. She is also interested in having me do DeadZone demos as well - so just waiting on the rest of the demo pack for that.

So while it didn't start well, it finished very well. Looking forward to going back, though I need to get my nameless team painted up so I can try Ultimate!

Because it is all fun and games . . .