Mantic Blog - Dreadball - finally

I have to admit, when the Dreadball kickstarter came around, I never pledged. I wasn't interested in a sports game, and with the last of my boys heading off to college I figured I'd never have anyone to play against anyway.

A year later, I'm now a Pathfinder, I got a copy and I love the game. So much like everything else, I've got to share pictures. These are the teams the (now renamed) Deluxe edition comes with - which have 2 extra models for each team. I purposely tried to paint them as the Trontek 29er's and Greenmoon Smackers as they are what I demo with.

So I've got season 2, and this past Tuesday my Ultimate set as well as my Nameless team came in, so soon I should have pictures of them to share as well.

Because it is all fun and games . . .