Mantic Blog - DeadZone: Training Day - Troops

I was very pleasantly surprised to get home today to another package of new shinies for Deadzone, this time including bases and plague troops.

Sure, we all like the big heavies, but it is the cheaper trooper that has to take up most of our force (if only to allow the big heavies). To finish off the plague starter faction, there are four 3A troops and a 3A w/HMG (heavy machine gun) specialist.

But you don't want to hear me babble on - you want pictures:

and assembled

Minimal mold lines, almost no flash except for the sprue piece. Everything but the HMG went together so easily it was almost snap fit - the HMG was just a tiny bit trickier (meaning I had to hold and clamp him for a few minutes with some tiny dabs of greenstuff in the arms).

These guys will be a little easier to paint since they actually have things like clothes and equipment. Sorry, but the 1A, 3 2A's and hounds are all naked, with skin and the carapaces on the big guys. Not a lot of places for a variety of colors there.

Also this big bag 'o stuff included bases (enough also for the ones I got last week as well), so these are on the bases. I'm not sure how I'll want to finish the bases yet. The standard sand, paint and static grass that I use for fantasy models really doesn't apply for this type of urban setting. Getting so pre-molded bases may be he way to go, but that means cutting off the basing circle - and I've done that for my Abyssal Dwarfs, and it can be a big pain (especially without mangling the feet).

One other note - the Enforcer w/ Missile Launcher does seem to have an oversize basing circle - I only discovered this today when he wouldn't glue into a base. At least you won't really notice the difference once the basing is complete (and something is needed to hide circle, which is really obvious).

Because it is all fun and games . . .