Mantic Blog - DeadZone: Training Day - base coating the plague

One thing that can often really intimidate people is painting. Especially when you go to sites like Cool Mini or Not, or see the professionally painted miniatures on the Mantic site.

But honestly, you can get a great table top quality paint job really easily. And the plague models are an excellent example of this.

For all of these models, I started with a spray coat of Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Sweat Pea. It unfortunately only comes in a satin finish, not the ultra flat I would prefer, but I'll finish these off with a matte spray to finish anyway. Then I painted the carapaces with Vellejo Bone White, and once they were completely dry I then washed them with a mix of black ink 1-2 with 'magic wash' (which is itself a mix of 1-1 Future Floor Wax and water. I made up a quart of this years (maybe 10 years - really!) and it still hasn't run out - I just keep adding more 'magic wash' and more black ink to my wash bottle when it runs low).

I simply love how a wash brings out the shading and details of the minis. The next step will be to start highlighting - and I often highlight with the same colors I used before the wash as the first level. Of course I can't do that with the spray, but I figure Vallejo Squid Pink should work, and of course more bone white for the carapaces.

Unfortunately for these guys I won't get to that until I finish the 31 goblins and 6 ogres for the Kings of War Escalation league (I'm doing 3 armies, so I'm feeling a little pressured to get done in time).

One last thing - I'm hoping to be able to get some better and more consistent pictures soon - I found a great kickstarter for a very inexpensive, portable, LED lit photo light box - I just hate having to wait until February to get it!

Because it is all fun and games . . .