Mantic Blog - and now Dreadball

So I finally got a copy of Dreadball yesterday (yeah, I know I'm slow). Figures aren't bad, not much flash on them. Unforutnately the token sheet was missing, but I don't feel that is critical.

I tried a few rushes last night by myself to get a little familiar - and while not completely intuitive it isn't that bad. However having to constantly flip back and forth through the rule book was really annoying. I did find a demo reference sheet that had all the moves on it (and the stats for the Marauder and Corporation teams), and that helps a lot, though it doesn't have the fouls on it.

So I played my middle son (who is 21, and comes over every Saturday to do his laundry :-) ), who doesn't really like miniature games, but loves RPG's and board games.

It went faster, and was a lot of fun. With is being my first game - the Orx Guards are brutal - on my last rush I killed his last three players on the field. Of course to balance it out the Goblin Jacks are crap - not being able to pick up a ball or actually make a strike - they missed strikes 4 times! The Corporation is the true baseline, nothing special - but just having strikers helped my son pull off a 5 point victory (he got in a strike on my back scoring zone from the top of the key which I was never able to come back from). He felt like he was losing the entire time because his players kept going off the field for injuries (I only lost one guard on penalties for a stomp).

So I still need to read and re-read the rules, but it is not as confusing as it had seemed.

And I'm really liking a lot of the other team models. Because I don't have enough to paint as it is.

Next week I'll play it with my oldest son after work, and also try a game with a friend (or 2) at work over lunch.

Because it is all fun and games . . .