Mantic Blog - Looks like I've really done it now :-)

Not that anyone notices things like titles, but since I found out today that I've actually been in the program for a while, and I've been talking about the events I've been running much more lately than my AD army, I figured I'd update this blog to reflect it's new, ongoing direction.

So I've been waiting for a month to find out about if my application as a pathfinder was accepted - and it turns out with all I've already done it wasn't much more than a formality. (Step one - work on clearer communication :-)).

So if anyone in the southeastern area of Ohio wants a demo for Kings of War (and soon other games) let me know. I've already talked to the shop near my work, and will try to schedule my first 'official' event with the game store near my house before the month is out.

When I think about it and realize that I rarely manage to get out to ever get a game (of any kind) in unless I sign up for tournaments, I begin to wonder just what exactly have I got myself into (no no pig, that's not fear; it's excitement).

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Puggimer 9/20/13
    Well I have my first official event(s) booked - doing more KoW demos at a new local tournament / convention. This is basically a 2 day WFB event, but they are adding some other stuff on Friday and Saturday nights, of which I am now part. And since my wife says I have a big box that just arrived today, I guess I have a bit of painting to get done ( for my 1000 pt goblin, basilean and ogre armies) (two of those I have but are all GW minis right now).

    Orcsbain 9/20/13
    Congrats mate!

    I like the idea of infiltrating a wfb tourny to plug KOW, perhaps you could advertise it as a "bring your own army" as 90% of standard fantasy types cross over into KOW with no bother at all amdanother 5% can be jiggled in with some imigination. With all those players there with their armys already it seems like it might be a good way to get them into the mind set of "I dont need to buy another army to play this other game".

    Hopefully you can get a few players involved convert their some of their force into a 1000 pt KOW army and point them at each other on the table Im sure once they get a few turns under their belt youll be able to leave them to it and perhaps make a few converts without having to use your painted armies at all, so they can be reserved for total newbies.

    Good luck!


    Puggimer 9/21/13
    I've booked demos Wednesday night at the shop near where I work, and Saturday afternoon at the one closest to my house. Hopefully these will be as fun as the conventions have been!


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