Mantic Blog - Looks like I've really done it now :-)

Not that anyone notices things like titles, but since I found out today that I've actually been in the program for a while, and I've been talking about the events I've been running much more lately than my AD army, I figured I'd update this blog to reflect it's new, ongoing direction.

So I've been waiting for a month to find out about if my application as a pathfinder was accepted - and it turns out with all I've already done it wasn't much more than a formality. (Step one - work on clearer communication :-)).

So if anyone in the southeastern area of Ohio wants a demo for Kings of War (and soon other games) let me know. I've already talked to the shop near my work, and will try to schedule my first 'official' event with the game store near my house before the month is out.

When I think about it and realize that I rarely manage to get out to ever get a game (of any kind) in unless I sign up for tournaments, I begin to wonder just what exactly have I got myself into (no no pig, that's not fear; it's excitement).

Because it is all fun and games . . .