Mantic Blog - First 'Official' Pathfinder Kings of War Demo

We had a good time last night at Game Haven. 6 people got in three games, which was great as we only had one table. It was a small store, so most of the people there came for a specific game (it was warmachine league night and board game night), but I did talk to several. Had a lot of fun.

Setting up on one table - undead vs dwarfs at one end, orcs vs. elves on the other

Planning her next move with the elves, as her friend charges her gore riders into her scouts

The table was a bit crowded with four players, army lists, dice etc

Smiles all around - everyone said they had a great time and wanted to know where they could get this game!

Zombies charge a unit of Ironclad, while werewolves lurk in the woods

Because it is all fun and games . . .