Mantic Blog - Another day, another Pathfinder Demo

I did more Kings of War demos at The Hobby Shop - a hobby store that has just recently expanded and started carrying games. At this point it isn't known as a game store (and doesn't stay open past 8 pm), but is trying to expand.

I had some people I had previously demo'd to at Origins come to get some more games in, and then was able to run a game between a young boy and his father. So while I don't think I hooked anybody new on the game, I did help to strengthen the KoW community around here. Right now I may have 6 people interested in doing an escallation league to actually get the models they have assembled and painted.

I realized in addition to running games, I should be showing off some of the cool new models that Mantic has put out this summer. So I spent last night assembling at least one of each of the kickstarter models that I have not yet incorporated into an army to display, even if they aren't yet painted.

The undead begin deploying (yeah, putting the cavalry behind a big rock is not that good of an idea)

Setting up dwarfs while her friend ponders her first move with Kingdoms of Men

The orcs have absolutely nothing better to do that rush up to the men and try to smash them into skinny, pink paste. In theory at least - the men did not go down that easy and wiped out the orcs without loosing a single unit.

Never say die. The Ax Horde attacks the Foot Guard horde - then rolls a 12 for the break test to finally destroy a unit. Unfortunately this was enough to route them (by one point), which means the Battle Standard Bearer on the hill next to them forced a re-roll, which did not come out nearly as high for the orcs, so the Foot Guard did not even waiver and destroyed the orcs the next turn. We laughed as the boxcars should have auto-waivered the unit, but it was just high enough to route them enabling the re-roll. Not a good game for the orcs (and yes, the spear horde did get the flank charge on the orcs the next turn (after killing the flagger whose base can barely be seen in the picture).

Because it is all fun and games . . .