Mantic Blog - time to lighten up a bit

LOG lights
I participated in the Powered Play kickstarter, and got in my kits yesterday. I have some ideas for a display, but one of the first things was putting some fire into the bellies of the Lesser Obsidian Golems. Of course to do this I have to JP the figures, so I pulled them off, did some delicate protological surgery, and now have orange LED's in the bellies of two of the three golems. Next up is glueing the wires down the legs and painting them. I've started on a new base that can contain the battery, circuit board, switch and wires for this - though I haven't figured out positioning yet.

I've also thought about possibly drilling out the barrel of the Angkor Heavy Mortar and lighting it up. A glow on the Dragon fire teams would also be good - but with only a base of only 20mm x 40mm that will be a bit difficult (until they can do battery bases - which was a stretch goal in the kickstarter they did not make).

Their first kits are now available on-line - check them out :

Because it is all fun and games