Mantic Blog : Packing up

So I think I've got everything packed up and ready to go for tomorrow. I'm re-purposing the cart I built for my drunk dwarfs (which I'll be playing with at the WFB tourney on Saturday) with a new top to keep track of everything for the 7 events I'm running at Origins. A little nervous - especially because I've only heard of one person who is coming to the tournament. I've also never run a tournament before, so there is that.

I will definitely try to get pictures of everything. I hope to see a lot of people from here in Columbus the next five days! Look for my cart in the miniatures hall in the Legendary Gamers area.


  1. redfox4242 6/12/13
    I am sure that your events will be awesome.

    Darklord 6/13/13
    Wow, that's a lot of stuff!


    redfox4242 6/13/13
    Mike is a painting machine. He pulled together no less than eight armies for this event. It was really, really impressive.


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