Mantic Blog: Origins Day 5

So Sunday. Day of Rest. Father's Day.

Yeah forget all that, we have Kings of War to run!

My final event had five people for it, so once more I had to play. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves again, and the guy I played (his name already escapes me) really liked the system. He had participated in both the Dread Ball and Dead Zone Kickstarters, and had nearly every WFB army. The streamlined rules and super affordable miniatures had him hooked.

Then, to top it off, Chris and Andy showed up just as I was wrapping up, wanting to play again! So exhaustion or not I couldn't turn them down, and they did a Dwarf v. Orc battle. I tried to mix it up a little, and had them do a "pillage" game instead of the "kill" they had done all weekend. This did not go well for the orcs, especially because the Dwarfs finally found their stride and hit with almost every artillery shot.

Of course, I got a few more pics:

Undead v. Abyssal Dwarfs. I must have been tired, as that is the only reason I can think of why I put my regenerating half-breeds anywhere near the skeleton horde that I gave fire-oil just to use up a few extra points. I guess that made up for me hitting both his balefires on turn 1 with my mortar and rocket launcher.

Ogres v. Orcs. Josh played the Ogres, and put a serious hurting on the ogres - wiping out all three of the orc infantry units by turn 2! However the orc gore riders, giant and krudger held their own for the rest of the game, and though they lost, there was only one ogre unit (and the captain) left.

Goblins v. Abyssal Dwarfs. They actually decided to play this down to the last man standing. In the end it was the goblin wiz and the AD Overmaster left. Did I ever mention that I thought it would be fun to give the wiz wings of honeymaze? And the Overmaster has no ranged attack, so after many, many turns of the goblin staying out of the overmasters range and zapping him to no effect, they finally decided to call it a draw.


  1. redfox4242 6/17/13
    I hope you get some well deserved rest. Thanks so much for running the events!

    Darklord 6/18/13
    Nice, great to see the piccies to!



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