Mantic Blog: Origins Day 4

So another very busy day. I played in the Warhammer tournament (and won best painted for my Drunk Dwarfs - you can check out pictures of them on my website at ). Then I ran my fifth session teaching people to play Kings of War.

This one had another great turnout with six people playing. Then near the end, Chris and Andy from my Thursday sessions came back to talk more about the game, and are both very interested in getting it - so they asked if they could play Undead v. Orcs to make sure they wanted the starter set. Not only that, but two of the people who just played asked to play again. I wasn't going to say now - but this time they were on their own as I was 'off the clock'.

More dice were rolled, much more fun was had, and they played until almost 1 am! I was busy and tired enough that I forgot to take pictures of the first three games, but I got a couple of shots of the later two.

CORRECTED pictures. (Thanks Google+ for not presenting them in date order)

Undead v Orcs

Kingdoms of Men v. Abyssal Dwarfs


  1. Northern Idiot 6/16/13
    Sounds like you had a blast and your display board is awesome.

    puggimer 6/16/13
    hanks. I just wish there were more venues that I could bring my home brewed beer to, so that the display could be complete! I went through an entire keg in one day at Adepticon!

    Darklord 6/18/13
    Mmm beer...

    Sounds good to me!



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