Mantic Blog : Origins - Day 1

Well they were predicting really bad weather Wednesday evening for Columbus OH, so I took off plenty early to avoid driving in it. We (my son and I) get our hotel and badges, and I start setting up around 4 or so. Well at 4:30 the main power goes out - and we are thinking this is going to get pretty hot and stinky fast - but then the fire alarm goes off and they evacuate the building. Apparently there was a huge transformer fire in the basement.

It gives us a chance to get something to eat, and when I check back they are still predicting two to three more hours at 6 - so we head to Barley's across the street for a beer (or three) and to get the free pint glass from the coupon book. About 7:30 I get a call from a friend of mine who is signed up for my 8 pm event - and I tell him what I know, which is that we aren't expecting to get in for a while. So he heads home, and 20 minutes later I get a couple of texts from people in the hall - because apparently it had just opened!

I head back, and still have two players - Josh (redfox4242) and Aaron - so they pick Undead and KoM and have a great game.

Set up and ready to begin

I don't know how those skeletons with no eyeballs can shoot so well, but both catapults hit on turn one, routing the cannon and knights before they can do anything. Ogres get double hit in the flank on turn two, and we see some horde on horde action in the middle of the board. Both undead catapults hit AGAIN, but this time not quite so bad. The ogres are destroyed

ghouls attacking the archers
Revenent Cavalry and ghouls coming to help the skeleton spearmen against the human spearmen
Instead the zombies hit the flank, hungry for brains

and skeletons attacking the other archers
In the end, Josh and the undead never lost a unit, while the KoM were almost wiped out. But everyone had fun, and Aaron plans to attend another session to get in a rematch against Josh.

Luckily the storms that hit Columbus overnight weren't so bad (at least here) - they didn't even wake me up. Now on to day two and three more sessions!


  1. mattgilbert 6/14/13
    Originally posted by Darklord;bt5153
    Cool, makes a a change to see Redfox actually playing KoW!
    It sure does - a very nice change

    Good work on running things puggimer

    redfox4242 6/14/13
    I am excited to be playing. Thanks for the affirmations guys.

    puggimer 6/16/13
    Thanks! It is a bit tiring, but a lot of fun. People are really enthusiastic about playing the game - I bet there would have been a lot of sales here if it were available for them to buy - but unfortunately no one at Origins is selling it.


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