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So I'm trying to get everything ready for Origins next week.

I have 8 1000 pts armies painted and ready to go. I found some nice stackable containers and put in some sheet metal in each, then magnetized all the movement trays / bases to hold them - everything fits great except my old gw Ogre banners are a bit too tall for these. The Goblins won't fit into a single container because there are simply too many.

Terrain is packed, but I need to buy some felt for the forest area (I have the trees, but each is based individually so you can move them out of the way. The new hills are done, the new walls are done. A huge bag of dice, tokens for wavering, army lists print outs done. I still need to get a few more tape measures together. I printed out a nice summary sheet from here.

Tournament stuff is ready, though I need to decide on a 1750 AD army to use as a ringer.

I played my son today, 2000 pts AD vs KoM (more than half ogres). Got real lucky with mortars, taking out his knights on turn one. His cannon never hit anything, and though the ogres really hit hard, he kept failing to route, and then when he easily beat my abyssal guard (from a unit of ogres and his horde of spearmen - and then rolled snake eyes for the route test). Then the next turn after he lost two more units he conceded.

The one problem is I can't guarantee that the learn to play armies are completely balanced - the AD are the army I'm collecting right now, so they have more options. Most of the others are based either on starter boxes or what I have.


  1. Orcsbain 6/10/13
    Sounds like you have it all in hand, well done.

    As for teaching , just go with mawpit advice, fudging it is the way to go, dont worry about going just by the book, the idea is for the learner to not only have a good tim (and whats better than beating sombody else on the table top batlefield?) but for them to come away having tried most if not all that the game has to offer, so if that means themgetting into melee when they "really would have fell short" let them, just take the time to explain that your doing it so they get a chance to see all the rules....and to pulp your units

    As for forces being balanced dont worry about that either you willget a feel for each force as you use them and will quickly get an idea of what units perfome well and which dont so as you teach you can use this to be sure that the learner gets to ues each in the best way that they can, perhaps even lining up your worst units to recive their best in melee. alternativly you can lune your best unit up for rear or flank charges from their worst to show that with good planning even the so called "worst" units can still dish out the pain.

    Good luck!


    puggimer 6/10/13
    Thanks for the advise. The one thing is if things go well I won't actually be playing the games I'm teaching - they will be playing each other. I'll have 4 tables and 8 armies - so I'll only play if there is an odd number that show up. I figure that a 2 hour slot for a 1000 pt game is plenty of time, and they can get a full game in not just a turn or so.

    Mawpit 6/10/13
    I see that is a different set up from the demo games I have run before. Very organised indeed 2 hours should give you lots of time even with beginners and time to go over things after the game.


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