Mantic Blog: LTP: KoM - Spearmen, Militia, Cannon and Ogres

I traded for a WFB Empire cannon a few years ago and never used it, but did use some of the bitz. Replacing the wheels however and we have artillery!

Ogres from my OK army. A mixed set, as most of them are being used as a full Ogre army.

And with that, I've got a 1000 pts of KoM, in a little over a week.

I still need to finish 5 Abyssal Berserkers, 8 hills and there area bases for 8 (or 16 depending on what I do to keep them consistent) woods. By Tuesday night, as the first Learn to Play session is 8 pm next Wednesday! Oh, and I have to figure out how to pack all of these to transport them to Columbus next week, and Indianapolis in August.


  1. Darklord 6/7/13
    Woah, good luck!


    redfox4242 6/7/13
    Great models!

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    1. Sure, just please give me credit and link back here.


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