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Go away, or we will taunt you again!

So can I finish the 40 spearmen, 18 (all I have) archers, 9 peasants, the cannon, hero and wizard in a little over a week? Plus highlight the slave orcs and do the abyssal berserkers?

Pre-registration for Origins has closed. When I checked last night 21 tickets had been sold to the 6 Learn to Play events, and no tickets for the tournament. We'll see how it goes I guess.


  1. narfnarf 6/2/13
    he unit looks solid to me! well done! what are these miniatures?!

    puggimer 6/3/13
    Many years ago, when my oldest wanted to play WFB but was too young (he is 25 now) he got a game for Christmas called LionHeart ( ) - these are the minis from that game. I'm adding a cannon, wizard and unit of 6 ogres to make a full 1000 pts. The only things I'm not using from the game are 3 of the armored infantry and the 2nd king (one is the knight leader). Some real minor conversions (cutting off a knight lance and gluing on a horn for a musician, swapping the swords on two of the mercenaries for bows (making the leaders of the 2 archer units). Swapping a spearman weapon for a drumstick and gluing on a drum - swapping another spear (these break pretty easy - I think 6 are broken) for a standard pole. Of course the bases the game comes with aren't really usable, so I made multi-bases out of MDF, then cut off the tabs and am gluing the figures on after they are quick-painted (i.e. basecoat and wash, no highlighting).

    mister c 6/5/13
    Looking good. The knights remind me of some of the knights in the old Battle Masters game, though looking at some of the other figures from your game, clearly not the same. Have fun!


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