Mantic Blog: Learn to play : Dwarfs

So I just finished my 1000 pt Dwarf demo army (maybe pictures tomorrow, right now my work/painting/picture space is taken up with some multi-bases for the KoM army drying).

I actually started assembling the 88 dwarfs (and 3 war machines) last Saturday, so it came in at exactly a week.

Speaking of KoM, the knights and characters are done except for basing. These are all being mulit-based as they had not bases that were usable. So I cut out appropriately sized pieces of MDF that I'm using a bases (125mm x 100mm for a knight regiment, 200mm x 40mm for a spearmen horde, etc).

Pre-registration for Origins ends at 11:59 EDT tonight - so far I 21 tickets have been sold for 6 learn to play events, and no tickets have been sold for the tournament :-(.


  1. redfox2424 6/1/13
    I bought tickets for the learn to play events. I passed on the tournament because I don't have a painted army of the appropriate size. You said 1750 points on Facebook. I am actually a very slow painter. I have no chance of getting an army together in time. I have in my collection an army of Mantic elves that is approximately 900 points. I also have some painted Undead that is I think between 500 and 1000 points. The rest of my minis are still on the sprue. I am not ready for a tournament. I thought the tournament was cool so don't feel disappointed. I just am not prepared with an army. I am looking forward to the events at Origins. I'll see you there, buddy!


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