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Unfortunately real life keeps getting in the way of painting lately. Then to top things off, the only KoW event at Adepticon directly conflicts with the WFB championship, and while I like and want to support KoW, I'm more invested in my drunk dwarf army for WFB right now, and it is specifically designed for the WFB championships at Adepticon (because I'm not sure what other tournament I can take it to where I can serve beer as part of the army).

However, I did finally finish the decimators - so here are some pics

Feedback is always appreciated and welcome.


  1. redfox4242 11/18/12
    Hey there, Puggimer! Greetings and best wishes. I always enjoy seeing pics of your models. I do so admire your hobby skills. Those decimators look great. Too bad you couldn't do both tournaments. I think I did see a few pics of your WFB dwarfs on your web page. Perhaps some time we can get together for a KoW Game at that Epic Loot game store. I would get excited about that if you were ever up for it. I don't ever bother to give anyone painting advice because I am not a serious painter. I would like to say that seeing your abyssal dwarfs makes my little geek heart glow with happiness. Best wishes!

    Darklord 11/19/12
    I really like these, thanks for showing them!


    landowner 11/19/12
    Awesome bases

    Orcsbain 11/21/12
    Nice, they are certianly worth the effort of putting togeter,as they give great results with the application of time and greenstuff.

    Whats next for your AD's?


    puggimer 11/22/12
    right now working on the minors for my GW dwarfs, then probably do some of the blacksouls.


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