Mantic Forum: 'Dragon' Fire-teams

So far I've based my army on just what came in 2 army boxes and the few other items I have picked up at GenCon. This is due to none of my local stores having much KoW (one had the book and a couple of the starter sets, and a bunch of Warpath). However while looking over the choices for my first game today against an opponent (instead of just against myself), I noticed in the description of the 'Dragon' Fire-team that it sounded almost exactly like a Skaven Warp-fire thrower. I was between projects quite a while back and dabbled in Skaven, picking up two copies of their half the Island of Blood starter set (plus some of the monsters and war machines -their war machines were loads of fun to paint). I realized I had two warp fire throwers from that set partially painted.

Well a few hours later last night, and I now have two 'Dragon' Fire-teams (and what is with the quotes it the name?). They sound pretty good to protect my other war engines - though I have to change my list around to allow 6 war-engines in it. It would also be nice if Mantic would define base sizes for everything - it does not say what base this is on. Since it is 2 dwarfs, I made 20x40 bases for them - would have been a lot easier if I could have just used cavalry bases.

Anyway, you have slogged through this crap when what you wanted to see was the pictures: