Mantic Forum: 2nd Battle

Not a full battle report, but a fun game against a friend (and his 8 yr old daughter). She wants to play undead, so I brought the same lists I used the other night.

Ended up extending my halfbreeds a bit, and they were in range of the soul reavers (I didn't remember they had a charge range of 18 - ouch) so got flanked - yeah that wasn't pretty.

What was amazing was hitting the ghouls horde over and over and could not roll a high nerve test on them, especially with inspiring characters around to force re-rolls. Eventually I had done 34 wounds to them - and the reroll of the nerve test was snake-eyes - so they stayed. Then they hit the blacksouls in the flank - and after combat the blacksouls had 22 wounds - and on the roll it is boxcars, but on the reroll it is snake-eyes. So I hit the ghouls again - upping the wounds to 42 - and roll snake-eyes on the reroll of the nerve test. The charge the blacksouls again and we don't even fight the combat, just the nerve test, which they fail as they should. I then blast away again on the ghouls and they finally rout - but they had 50 wounds on them when they did! Hard to believe we had three snake-eyes on nerve tests for units that had more wounds than their nerve value.

In the end he had his vampire lord and necromancer left - and I had only lost the halfbreeds, halfbreed champion and blacksouls.

Once again artillery can be devastating. Ok not so much when you roll 2,2,1 on the 3D6 hits - but especially those mortars wounding nearly anything on 2's - when they hit something they don't tend to last.

Next up they will be combining units of my two WFB Orc & Goblin armies to make an orc army (he wants to stick to the base 4 armies) to try. I figure I have almost 2300 pts without items (and of that 4 giants (ok, I like painting and converting giants)). Maybe next week - I'm sending him my model list and letting him build and army list for it. Of course I may rework my army (combine the decimators, split the blacksouls) to add the 'Dragon' Fire-teams.


  1. redfox4242 commented 15-09-2012, 09:38 PM
    Good stuff! That is a great story about a ghoul unit surviving with 50 wounds. Those are some tough ghouls! They're hard as nails, they are. Best wishes to you!

    Darklord commented 27-09-2012, 11:50 AM
    Nice report you had some amazing/unlucky rolls there!

    Soul Reavers only charge 16 unless they had the Brew of Haste?



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