Da Warpath: Full of Win!

Well Da Beech Boyz have had their first outing. The sun was out, the water was warm, and much krumpin' was done.

When all the sand was cleared away, da boyz walked off with both "Best Appearance" and "General's Choice" at the Origins 2011 Indy GT this past Saturday, June 25. It may be small ( only 16 people ) but I'm happy. (My son won "Best Tactician as well")

Next up is the big one for me - Buckeye Battles. Right now they are sold out at 88 seats, so it is a wee bit bigger.

Anyway, here is a shot of the winning army with the awards - they do engraved flasks as awards.

user posted image

user posted image 

I just thought I would share that this video of the army that a guy put up on his video blog after origins:


One more update - da beech boyz won <b>General's Choice</b> at the 5th annual
Buckeye Battles. I'm a bit psyched about this, as it was the biggest tournament I've been to in 7 years (84 people).

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  1. theorox: 7/11/2011
    ongratulations!! You really deserve it. How does the army play on the field for you? smile.gif


    Hutobega: 7/11/2011
    This whole army makes me LOL. The conversions are amazing man holy cow... The giant creeps me out big time. And btw you did amazing work with the tramp stamp. That must take a steady hand my friend.

    puggimer: 7/12/2011
    The army only plays as well as it's general - so yeah, it sucks on the battlefield. Went 0-4-1 this year at the Buckeye - even worse than my previous 4 1-4-0 records there.

    I leave it to my son to win games, and I'll just make some fun models.

    Thanks for the comments - and though I would love to be able to do freehand work like it, the tramp stamp is actually a homemade decal - I tried one by hand and I'm just not steady (nor talented) enough to do it.

    Not sure when the next tournament for them will be - but they will probably go on display at my LGS soon.

    theorox: 7/13/11
    I've seen Oncebitten360's Youtube battlereport coverage of Buckeye Battles, and when I realized that it was the same tournament I'd read that you went to I hoped for a matchup between you. Maybe in some of the final games! (Please don't spoild whether you did meet him or not if you know him, I haven't seen the last few games... biggrin.gif)



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