Da Warpath: She sells sea shells

Progress report:

I didn't like the little molded banner that came with the skull pass night goblins, so I swapped it out, and made the basing consistent on all the night goblins. Painting, shells and sand later and they are all done except for the whatever is going on the banner - I don't know what to put on there yet.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Savage orcs & boar boyz are primed, as are the jet skis. I found some great pin stripes at the hobby shop for them - unfortunately they are $10 per color, and I would want more than one color. I need to look to see if I can find some that have multiple colors on them, as my skills at paint perfect straight lines leave much to be desired.

So the only thing left to assemble are the fanatics - and I'm thinking now of doing an octopus, squid and jellyfish for the three fanatics.

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  1. Vil le Move': 5/19/2011

    Truly amazing !

    Very imaginative conversions and really beautiful paintjob !

    Really nice blog. wink.gif


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