Da Warpath: Fanatic about Pamela

ok, just a few more updates.

I spent the weekend taking my son to the 2nd round of 'Ard Boyz (he got 6th), so I didn't have much time to paint, though I did take advantage of the huge bins of bits at The Game Room in Toledo, Ohio (a highly recommended store for anyone in that neck of the woods (Daryl also has his bits out at Adepticon, Origins and Gencon every year)) to get the pieces for two of the fanatics:

user posted image

user posted image

The third one will be a jelly fish - that is a bit trickier as I want it to basically be clear - so it can't be made out of greenstuff.

And an updated WIP of the shaman

user posted image


  1. EntertainMe: 5/24/2011
    Nice work on the fanatics.

    Shaman is looking...ehhm well, not nice or pretty, but pretty good anyway.

    Also, what are you going to use for the jellyfish? Some kind of clear resin or something?



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