Da Warpath: A bit Crabby

I swear sometimes life just gets in the way of painting. I do have some updates. First the crabs:

user posted image

user posted image

The goblins are almost done and will soon be on their mounts.

And some finals of the mermaid - except I still need to work on the tramp stamp:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


  1. Morten C : 5/4/2011
    Fantastic work on crabs, mermaid and goblins ohmy.gif

    Great colors on everything. Very convincing! If you can make an entire army that's not only full of your great conversions, and fitting your funny theme, but also spice everything up with great choice of colors like these, then I'm certain we are all for a treat smile.gif

    Nice work yarr.gif

    Da Spawn Man 5/4/2011
    Dude this is hands down the most imaginative and cool army I have ever seen!

    Some ideas which might sprig something, but won't take offense if you don't like them lol:

    Lawn/beach chair doom diver catapult. Beach volley ball net catapult. Swing ball set spear chukker. Beach ball squigs. Manatee trolls. Rowboat snotling pimp wagons. Something to do with giant clams. Kite flying fanatics. Star fish throwing nasty skulkers. Sun glasses on everything! Orc shaman wearing a scuba mask and air tanks! River trolls with giant feet flippers. Musicians with sand buckets and shovels. Icecream cones instead of hand weapons. Beach towels instead of netters. Sea creature snotlings. Giant seagull wyvern. Sea snails instead of boars. Savage orcs covered in seaweed. Skarsnik as King Poseidon. Shell chariots. Gary from Spongebob! Sea urchins - stuck on everything! Or even sea urchin fanatic balls.

    BLAAAAARGH! SO AWESOMEEEE!!!!! biggrin.gif

    puggimer: 5/4/11
    some nice ideas. A lot will have to see on how much I decide to expand this beyond a given point size.

    My thought on a doom diver would be a parasailer - with the boat for the base and a strong wire up to the diver.

    While I was just thinking of adding river trolls as normal trolls when I go to 2500 pts, the idea of Manatee Trolls may just be too good to give up there.


    snikpik: 5/4/11
    It takes a brave man to publicly show off his crabs.

    Anyway, nice idea. I like the unit of Gobbo's.

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