Da Warpath: new WIP Pictures

It has been a little bit, but I'm still here. The weather finally warmed up enough that I was able to get out and prime a bunch of stuff - the arachnarok, giant, spider riders, gigantic spider and squig hoppers.

I also picked up some savage orks - about half done converting their weapons to barbells etc. I have a few boar boyz, but I don't expect to get the bikes (to convert to jet ski's) in until late next week (the last auction I need on ebay ends tomorrow).

That leaves the night goblins. Beyond putting snorkels on them I'm not sure what to do. The models just don't have much conversion potential unfortunately.


as promised, so new WIP pictures:

First, the giant. Primed and undercoated flat black, though the flash makes it appear shiny.

user posted image

user posted image

And the arachnarok primed

user posted image

Next, the squig hopper unit, primed grey

user posted image

Spider Riders, primed

user posted image

Goblin on Gigantic spider, primed

user posted image

Then some new stuff. First the Savage Orc Boyz, working out on Muscle Beach

user posted image

The night goblins - in desperate need of some conversion

user posted image

And the bare beginning of a Savage Orc Boar Boy - lots of work to be done on the jetski

user posted image

So time to slap some paint on a few things while I wait for the rest of the boar boy parts to get in from ebay


  1. Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: 4/10/11
    Great stuff, I'm sure Kurgan will loot that crab idea:p

    Rog: 4/13/11
    Ho jeez, that mermaid looks creepy.

    theorox: 4/13/11
    Wow, that's...it's...BWAHAHA! The savages... laugh.gif


    ordak: 4/13/11
    decent. so so decent. well done bro, those savage orcs cracked me up too. looking forward to the rest biggrin.gif

    borkBork: 4/13/3011
    great stuff. the only thing that is missing from the muscle beach guys is a cart with a daily supply of steroids.

    also had a look at your olders stuff. Loved the greatfull undead!!

    Bloodazz Nozenhaka: 4/13/11
    Dude, this idea is freaking awsome! ill be sure to follow this one!


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