Da Warpath: Goblin boss on Gigantic Spider

I picked up a tomb scorpion and blister of goblin bosses, so I am finally able to get started on my goblin boss riding Gigantic spider - or Gigantic crab as it may be.

user posted image

Still needs some more gs work to smooth out the claws, and maybe on the character (who will be either pinned or magnetized so he can be removed).

I've also worked on the giant - lengthening her hair, filling the gap on her arm and smoothing out her, ah, bust. I still need to make the tail bit.

The big shark is getting completely redone - it was just too fat with the squig legs underneath, so I pulled it apart, cut off the legs, put in a brass rod and am rebuilding it. All the squigs will have brass rods to connect to the bases, so they are 'swimming' - and allows me to get rid of the legs that were causing issues.

Guess I need some new pictures of all of these as well :-)

I'm currently bidding on ebay to get ork bikes cheap to convert to jet-skis - I hope I can get them to fit on cav bases.


  1. Titanium Prince : 4/4/2011
    Great crab biggrin.gif nice idea and wonderful realization biggrin.gif

    WarbossKurgan 4/5/2011
    ery cool! yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif


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