Da Warpath : Ariel

Well I didn't work on goblins, instead working on the giant. Still needs some more detail - I've just started the tattoo of Flounder on the left side of her belly, and the arms need cleaned up, and maybe more touchup on the face as well. And then a tramp stamp of course.

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My 16 year old son is pretty disturbed by this - so I think it is coming along just like it should!


  1. Kare Foehunter : 4/22/11
    lol that why it called a shock troop !! its is sorta of on the unexplained side
    But its cool

    rat of vengence : 4/22/11
    Fantastic work mate! I logged on to update my own blog, but decided to have a peek at a few others; glad I did. The theme is madness, I love your ideas!
    For the night goblins (struggling with conversion ideas for my theme too) you could have them tossing a beach ball about, or little signs saying 'Mine' on lots of them (Finding Nemo reference) or they could be picketing environmentalists (Down with BP, Save our Beaches, Save the Whales 'cause they taste good etc).

    Anyways, keep up the good work mate! yarr.gif



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