Da Warpath: more WIP pics

a couple more wip pics:

First the crabs (i.e. spiders for spider riders):

user posted image

and also the bases and movement tray for the crabs (yes, the space is for the goblin on Gigantic crab - haven't started on him yet (I was planning on using a tomb scorpion for the crab, but with the new Tomb Kings only a month away . . . )

user posted image

With any luck I'll get the sculpting on the sharks finished tonight.


  1. dublindawg: 3/30/2011
    If it wasn't for the fact that crabs walk sideways I would of said you have your bases the wrong way. Great conversions on those spiders to crabs. What did you use for the pincers?

    thoerox: 3/30/2011
    The pincers seem to be from the Deamonettes and/or Seeker kits. Looks ace by the way! yarr.gif


    puggimer: 3/30/2011
    yep - daemonettes provided the claws - some are actually from the daemonette banner as well.

    Zaaagh! da big boss: 3/30/2011
    where the hell do you get all those shells??

    puggimer: 3/30/2011
    I bought a bag at a craft store. Originallyl I needed them for the snail-mail unit in the UGPs. I have a baggie with what it left. Still looking for a couple of the right size clamshells for the bra for the giant.

    Zaaagh! da big boss: 3/31/2011
    please, give him one !!!!!!

    Dagreenskin: 3/31/2011
    Love your new unit wub.gif
    Especially the "shields"

    puggimer: 3/31/2011
    actually that is an old unit - not in this army. The UGPS was all based on postal themes, so I had a variety of units like

    Snail mail - as pictured
    UPS Boyz - orcs all in brown shorts
    Web Mail - spider riders
    Mailboxes - Black orcs
    Philatelists - night goblins with stamps for shields
    Pony Express - wolf riders
    Disgruntled Postal Workers - fanatics
    Air Mail - spear chukkas
    Special Delivery - squig hoppers (chewing on the mail)
    Undeliverable the giant

    It was a fun themed army - in 6th edition it was all goblins, but I added in orcs w/ 7th

    Kera Foehunter: 4/1/2011
    Let party !! that is a great army i love the Venus / giant

    and the night crab goblins

    Kees (aka Ghenkadh): 4/1/2001
    ... fun work, very originally themed and great conversion / paint work!



    Jellywarior: 4/1/2001
    Wow! Loving that lobster spider thingy...erm....thing... smile.gif and those Sp...er...crabs look like they are going to look rather nice when they are done too!


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