Da Warpath: first pics

I realized I had some pics on my phone.

First the Arachnarok spider:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I decided to leave the spider body and head as it looked much creepier than would a smooth body and tiny head for a real lobster. I'm also going to have it holding the empire figure from the giant kit (the one in the giant's hand), as it is already struggling to get out of the claw.

Then the giant:

user posted image

And the NG boss on Giant Squig:

user posted image


  1. theorox: 3/29/2011
    Oh crap that's very awesome. Dude, loving the Great Wh...Cave Squig. smile.gif That Arachnarok is simply ace too, and the Giant is...nicely creepy! A mermaid? Eeew! Vomit.gif laugh.gif


    Svarten: 3/28/2011
    Love the crab! biggrin.gif
    Wantz to see it painted! xD


    dublindawg: 3/29/2011
    The giant mermaid looks like it's prego with that belly. I'm afraid to see what would come out of a monstosity like that. The use of the spider head really works for the lobster, I'm hoping there is a big ole pot of melted butter for it. laugh.gif

    Titanium Prince: 3/29/2011
    I saw a lot of sea themed armies (usually lizardmen) but never some greenskins (except for pirates) biggrin.gif amazing work! What's the Lobster carapace made of?

    puggimer: 3/29/2011
    The carapace is 6 pieces of thin plasticard and green stuff. The claws are greenstuff (the whitish areas are where I sanded them a bit to smooth them out using a dremel).

    WarbossKurgan: 3/29/2011
    yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif
    This gets my top score of five Yaarrrs!

    Brilliant work - I'm impressed and a little jealous! I will be stealing ideas! laugh.gif

    rufus sparkfire: 3/29/2011
    I love the lobster! It's lobsterific!

    grok: 3/29/2011
    hats awesome can't wait to see more!

    WarbossKurgan 3/30/2011
    You need to come up with a proper sea-monstery name for the lobster! yarr.gif

    Dazza: 3/30/2011
    Wow Every single bit of every model is great! Some really inspired choice of bits there, especially the spider abdomens for the erm...giant mer... thingies


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