Carpe Noctem: Not quite the final update

Not quite the final update, but probably close. I have a few pictures I wanted to add to my site, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. This weekend is the final stop for the Grateful Undead's Olde World Tour 2009 - the Marauder's Mayhem Autumn Rage Indy GT in Kettering (suburb of Dayton) Ohio. I have pictures of some of the awards the army won, and I want to add a couple of the 'tour' t-shirts I made to wear to the tournaments.

I did want to say thanks for all the encouragement and support from everyone on this forum. In the immortal words of the band, "What a long, strange trip it's been!"


  1. Trevy the Great: 10/14/2009
    Nice job on all your winnings. Post your pictures up!
    T-shirts, huh? That's a great idea!

    The Dark Sheep: 10/14/2009
    I'm just too lazy to write that I want to say the same thing as Vekarin. That's why I quoted his post... :)

  2. puggimer: 2/20/2015
    So I'm actually not dead (ok, bad pun). I just haven't actually been playing Vampire Counts for quite a while, so the Grateful Undead has been on hiatus. The last time they were out was two years ago, as a Kings of War undead army to first learn the system. Since I made that army, I've done an Ogre Kingdoms one, another Orc & Goblin one (Da Beach Boyz) and Dwarfs (Drunk Dwarfs - with fresh beer on tap on the display board).

    It finally occurred to me that I had put my various projects all over the net on various forums and blogs - and then as I moved on to something else I would quit visiting these. So I have decided to consolidate all of my hobby content (if anyone is interested) in one place : Because it is all fun and games ...


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