Carpe Noctem: New army pictures

Ok, I probably broke the old links updating my web page with the new pictures (yeah new digital camera). For the links to the full size images, go to my site at

So without further ado:

A shot of the entire army (well, the army that won Best Army - I still have 40 zombies to paint and the Hells Angels to finish as well)

Jerry Garcia - Lead Guitar - Vampire Lord - General (w/skeletons)

Phil Lesh - Bass Guitar - Vampire (w/ghouls)

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - Keyboards - Vampire (w/skeletons)

Bill Kreutzmann - Drums - Necromancer (Corpse Cart)

Souvenir Stand (Corpse cart)


Skulls & Roses (skeletons)


Dancing Skeletons (skeletons)


Roadies (ghouls)


Deadheads (zombies)


Dancing Teddy Bears (Dire Wolves)


Stoners (Spirit Hosts)


Groupies (Cairn Wraiths w/ Banshee)

Lastly - the new Hells Angels running Security (Blood Knights)

Well, I think I'm done - at least for now. Heading to a Indy GT this weekend.

I've loaded some new pictures on my site ( ) feel free to check them out. (Full size ones)

Here is one of the entire army on the display base:


About the only other unit I can think of would be a corpse cart - but only if I could find a 4" model of a VW van - or a bus as a tour bus.

I'm not happy with the bears - I need to look for some alternatives, but not right now - maybe by the October Indy GT.


  1. Capt Rubber Ducky : 7/9/2009
    Brilliant army, I really like the dancing Skelletons.

    I personly like the giant teddy bears as dire wolves.

    MasterSpark : 7/9/2009
    The dancing Skeletons with their top hats have always been my favourites of your work, Puggimer.

    What an army though! :lol:

    It's awesome. :)

    Sibbechai : 7/9/2009
    This is such a great army.
    If I would ever play you at a tournament, I would just surrender already and spend the next hour or so looking at those models.

    Bug16 : 7/9/2009
    It's all looking really good except the bikes. I'm really not keen on them as they're too big. :(

    Have a nosey at for human, vampire and werewolf bikers:

  2. puggimer: 7/9/2009
    Bug16 - The hells angels are GW 40K Ork bikers - and yes they are a bit big - took a bit of maneuvering to even get them on the bases and to rank up (thus the wheelie for the champion).

    While I had heard of west wind productions - I had never seen these. Had they had a booth selling them at Origins a couple of weeks ago then I would have picked them up. Unfortunately they didn't, so I went with what I could find. Of course they are Harley Davidson motorcycles (you can't see the logo on the gas tank of each one in the pictures) which are big hogs anyway :)

    Those are cool bikes though - wish I had found them before.

    Capt - I still like the concept - I just failed on the execution. The first of this set (blue in the first picture) is the best - they seem to get worse the more I do. I really need to find some 3" teddy bears that I can base this conversion on instead of attempting to sculpt them myself.

    Count Homogenised: 7/9/2009
    Great to see the entire army shots.

    I'm liking the bikers as Blood Knights - big and scary looking.

    The fluffy bears are still my favourite - they look a little odd as Dire Wolves but it's an odd army (in an entirely good way) :clown:

    puggimer: 7/14/2009
    Had a lot of great comments at an Indy GT this past weekend with the Grateful Undead. Having the stage with music really impressed people - just not quite enough to get past some professional level armies there unfortunately. Ended up with a record of 1-2-2 and had a great time.

    Get of W'soran: 7/17/2009
    That is awesome :D

    The Skeletons are cool and the dire bears xD

    the whole thing just rocks hehe


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