Carpe Noctem: Back at it

Well I was working out of town for three months, but finally got back and committed myself to a tournament in July, and maybe even one in June, so I actually got working again. Some new pictures

The zombies - or deadheads as I like to call them

These are the spirit hosts - they will be surrounded by the clouds of smoke from those funny smelling 'cigarettes' they are puffing on. It wasn't until I looked at the pictures that I realized that I ended up duplicating the heads on the bases, so some head swaps are in order.

A newer shot of the dancing bears


And a couple of the band (characters). I'm having problems getting these pics to come out, so they aren't so great.


I decided to put the drum set in the corpse cart with the drummer, though I'm keeping the t-shirts around it.


Lastly, a group shot of all 238 models!



  1. Devo : 5/29/09
    That is one impressive force.

    Paint! Paint!

    Onikaigo: 5/29/00
    this is amazing. =O Those pot smoking zombies are just...Wow. I can't stop laughing. I would love to see this force hit the table, seriously. Playing Grateful Dead while setting up? Yes please!


    I'm blown away, this is giving me some serious competition whenever I start up my upcoming blog. It's going to be amazing to have some people to compare my work to and go, "Hrm. Damn. Still not good enough." and have to up my attempts to actually have some good/better results.

    I function best under competition, and sir, you give me that! My hat is off to you.

    Count Homogenised: 5/29/09
    Great to see this thread moving again - such a cool army.

    I think I would **** my pants if I saw those teddy bears dancing toward me :|

    Bug16 : 5/29/09
    Good to see you're still working away on this army! It's looking great so far! I especially love the drummer Corpse Cart! :)

    Disciple of Nagash: 5/29/09
    Woohoo - great to see you back again puggimer - though some of the pics are a tad on the large side...........

    Anyway great update, and I agree with Bug, the Corpse Cart drummer rocks!!

  2. puggimer: 5/31/09
    Sorry about the large pictures - my old camera 'disappeared' this winter, and my wife gave me hers, and I'm still trying to get used to it.

    Everything is now primed, with the skeletons, spirit hosts and wraiths based white and the rest base black, including the shields for the rose skeletons. Time to search the internet for rose decals.

    Jerek: 6/2/09
    That army is looking huge, and the amount of conversions in it is astounding! Great work - I'll be closely following this log


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