Carpe Noctem: Back from the dead - so to speak

Back from the dead - so to speak.

I have been very slowly working on the teddy bears, but got a burst of something and did a lot on them this weekend.

The problem is that the scale is a bit off - I knew they were big but didn't think they would end up this big. So - the question I have for anyone who would like to venture an opinion - are they too big to use as dire wolves? Here is one with a skeleton for comparison. Feeback is welcome and encouraged.



  1. Arkhan: 12/7/08
    Well as long as they fit on the bases it should be ok.

    Also I love this awesome looking theme.

    slannfrog: 12/8/08
    You could swap the bases and run them as Vargulfs.
    Yeah, u won't have five at a time since they're rare but people will still get the picture.

    The Dark Sheep: 12/8/08
    Finally. I've been waiting for this...

    SethDrallitoc: 12/8/08
    They are fine to use as dire wolves. Sure they are much bigger than a dire wolf would be. But they are giant teddy bears! They would need to be that big in order to justify the dire wolf stats.

    puggimer: 12/8/08
    thanks Seth - I like that justification!

    MasterSpark : 12/8/08
    In my opinion, the dancing teddy bears are way creepier than any daemon of chaos could ever hope to be. Seriously, they're vile.

    Good job! :grin:

    SethDrallitoc: 12/8/08
    You are gonna finish the bears right? Eyes, noses, mouths and neckerchiefs.


    puggimer: 12/9/09
    Yes. Did the mouths and ears last night, working on the neckerchiefs (I picked up some felt to do these today), then the eyes and noses. Also need to do the paws. Fairly easy to finish the painting - it is all black!

    puggimer: 12/10/08
    Ok, trying to see if I can do some smaller bears. How is this for size?


    Not sure if I can go much smaller though.

    Arkhan: 12/10/08
    That scale looks pretty good.

    They are bears after all and they get pretty big.

    dictator: 12/13/08
    I'm sickened by bears being used as DWs. I am really frightened, might just have some nightmares tonight! Very cool idea though, it makes all the difference that your making everything yourself. Make sure you don't do too much on your own or you might get burned out on working on the army. Just a thought. Keep them coming!

    puggimer: 12/14/08
    Thanks - it isn't getting burned out that slows me down - more just intimidating myself about how to do some of these. Unfortunately I doubt I'll get much done before the new year though - I have a temporary job (this after being out of work of 7 weeks) starting Wednesday out of town. At this point I don't know if I'll be home for the weekends or not, or how much time I'll have on my hands (since it is hourly, I would LOVE to have LOTS of overtime).

    The next piece that I have to figure out now that I know how to finish the bears will be the characters - how to make the members of the band - and especially how to make them stand out appropriately.


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