Carpe Noctem: roses

Ok, a few more pictures

First - adding a tube top to a wraith

Then some more of the roadies - not individual shots, but a group of the 20 that are converted so far

Then as I was doing the sleeves for the rest of the top hat unit, I had a little green stuff left over, so I took some heads and tried the rose wreathes. These came out pretty good, so I had enough to do 7 of the next unit.

And finally, a big group shot of what the size of this army will be. These are all the trays/bases I plan on having - about half of which will be available to raise. There are no characters yet - but those will just be 4 more infantry bases. (and those are only about half the sprues sitting on my workbench!)



ok, no pics yet, but I am slowly working on thing. The ghouls are finally finished - trying to come up with ideas for them really kicked my butt.

Now on to the dire wolves - i.e. the dancing teddy bears. My sculpting skills, especially for larger items, are pretty poor. I've had several mis-starts so far, but I think I've got them now. I tried using some modelling 'dollies', but they were too small. Then I tried freehand for the base, but was going through huge amounts of green stuff and not getting anywhere. Then got the idea of using beads. So now I have 10 dummies made from wire and beads made up, in (I hope) the proper positions. Next is to fill in with greens stuff (much easier IMO) than to go from scratch, but we'll see. I'm still feeling pretty intimidated at this point, which leads to much procrastination.

I'm still a bit frustrated that my LGS can't seem to get in a order of 40mm magnetic bases from GF9 - but if they don't have them by next month I'll pick them up at GenCon.

Right now I'm hoping to have them ready for the Marauder's Mayhem in October, since I've miseed Origns, Buckeye Battles and GenCon this year (I'll only be doing GenCon for 1 day, so won't be in the tournament).


  1. Gorknoth : 7/8/08
    hehe, cool idea!

    The look on youre opponents face must be priceless when u pick these cuties up :D

    I love youre skellies, they're just screamingly funny:)

    As for the sculping skills, you dont lack them at all. Just keep it up and you'll be great at it.
    Just remember to do it the right way (i.e use water/oil, mix properly and so on) so you dont get draged down by these kind of things.

    Keep up the good work mate ;)


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