Carpe Noctem: More progress

Just thought I'd do a quick update. As I start to finalize my army list, I decided to go with two units of 20 skeletons to start with, and then have enough models to double them in size if things go extremely well. (I still have 8 left on the sprues after these 80 as well!) That means though that I need another 10 in top hats and tails, so I've been working on them this weekend. The 2nd set of 40 are half built - I'm not sure what I want to do with them (aside from the rose garlands). Do I make them basic warriors with shields (and paint a rose logo on the shields)? Most of the Grateful dead pictures of the skeleton with roses are simple head shots. Of course, there is the matter of the roses themselves - haven't figured that one out yet.

I've got 20 ghouls done, have 10 more, and figure I should get another 10. As I convert these, I hate even more them not being skirmishers - it is a real pain in the butt trying to figure out equipment for them to carry - it was simple when I figured a unit or two of maybe 10 - but 40! Lots of speakers. Since I'm using regimental bases, I figure I'll do a few long bases where they are carrying scaffolding or lights. Just trying not to have too many duplicates.

Looking over my wraiths, I figures 3 topless ones was too many, so I put a tube top on one of them.

I've also been building movement trays and getting all the bases for everything (I really like the GF9 magnet basing system, and the new GW movement tray kits). So now I have the bases - pretty soon it will be time to figure out how to sculpt the dancing teddy bears - should be an interesting challenge.

I'm still not sure what to do about characters at this point. I was thinking about getting some empire free company to base them on - as they are the most 'normal' humans out there - but don't really want to buy a box when all I need is 1 sprue. But we'll see.

I'm also still up in the air in on the zombies. I'm figuring 1 starting unit of 20, with 60 more available to raise (since I am going magic heavy anyway). I still have the idea of lighting them up - but am nervous about ordering the lights on the internet not really knowing if I'll be able to get them to work. However I have plenty of work to do before I have to finish those.

I'll get some more pictures - when there is something to take pictures of (nobody wants to see 40 half assembled un-converted skeletons, or a bunch of movement trays).


  1. Wilheml von Carstien : 4/7/08
    I just wanted to congradulate you on a well thought out, and intresting army. As others have stated I particularly like the Skele unit you have done. The leaning pose with the hand *tipping* the top hand is just ace. They look as if they are all dancing in unison.

    I also particularly like the ghoul carrying the mic stand.

    All the little conversion work on these is really paying off. Can't wait to see the whole army.

    As far as lighting and display, the idea of a stage complete with speakers sounds really cool.


    Hexter: 4/7/08
    I'm basically echoing Wilhelm,but your army is brilliant!:D
    The theme is incredibly original,whilst still be a really effectives.

    All the conversions are well executed and really make your models pop.
    My favourite is the Skellies,but that be because i like top hat wearing skeletons!:grin:


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