Carpe Noctem: roadies

Well, I think I have the unit of 30 skeletons done. I decided to only do the sunglasses and hair on the champion to make him stick out. I hope to get pictures up soon (maybe tonight).

Finally got the book on Friday so I can figure out my list. I also picked up a corpse cart and box of ghouls. I like the model of the corpse cart - too bad I'll actually NEVER be able to use it in my army. Not that I won't have the unit, but the model just doesn't fit at all. So I'll have to convert something for it - not sure yet what that will be or how I'll do it yet, still thinking on that.

Started working on the roadies (the ghouls). I picked up a blister of boxes and barrels from Woodland Scenics as some of the stage equipment to have them hauling around. I'm trying to figure out how to make some 1/25 to 1/28 scale guitars for them to carry (as well as the characters).


Ok, as promised, some more WIP pictures.

First, I think I'm done with the skeletons. 30 in tuxes, tails and top hats. I added the standard, and put hair and sunglasses on the champion, as it was about the only way I could think of to have him stand out of the 'chorus' line.


And a close up of the champion. Shame the frames on the glasses got hidden in the hair.

Now the roadies. I need to pick up at least one more box, if not two. Of course, it would help a lot if I would actually make a list to build to. However 30 does sound like a good number, if not to start with then at least to expand to.

Of course coming up with ideas for equipment for them the carry is a bit of a challenge. So far so good though.




  1. Seras: 3/13/08
    Wow! This is some of the nicest neatest conversion work I've ever seen!

    Makes what I'm (trying and failin to) doing clumsy by far.

    Wow, just wow..........


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