Carpe Noctem: Zombie lights update

Zombie lights update - Well I picked up some mini (not labelled as such, but I think these are about "Grain of Wheat" size (there is also "Grain of Rice" and "Micro-flame", but I haven't been able to find these except for on-line, and I want to try things before committing to buying enough for the unit) bulbs, and these will work (and found some very cheap - $3.99 for 10!). But I also found that the power I hoped to use won't be enough - hearing aid batteries just aren't strong enough. So I'll have to go either AA or AAA batteries - which now means I need to find a way to hide them, since I can't imbed them in the base like I'd hoped to do with the hearing aid batteries. I also got a few from a model railroad store - but these I couldn't get to light at all (they were 12 volt). They aren't very bright, but I think that may be more due to the power than anything else - if I use a few more batteries then they should look better. The thing I have to watch out for is buring them out - because they won't be easily replaceable (if at all).

I'm thinking of putting them in the movement try - but I don't want them to interfere with game play (i.e. they can't be sticking out the back etc). One alternate could be some type of square centerpiece that hides the batteries - but I'm not sure what would fit into the general 'crowd' image I want. If I go underneath, then at least part of the try will have to be raised to fit them - either the entire tray, or just the back (make it sloping, like lawn seats?). The other option would be to have the power supply completely external to the tray, with a plug for display, then uplug them for game play. That may be the best way. Hmmmmmm - bit more thinking now.


  1. Cristov von Cartstin 1/22/2008
    I think the square in the middle is your best bet, perhaps if you just placed several ontop with removable bases when the time comes to take them out. I saw an awsome necron army that all had LED lighting for eyes. The way he did it was mount them all on lumps of rock to hide the batteries. If i find the article on how he did it hes a pretty nice guy and will help out.

    Skaramak von Carstein: 1/23/08
    Superb idea, and very nice work to get to tthis point.


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