Carpe Noctem: Top Hats done

Ok, top hats done - now to work on the arms. I have to wait until at least tomorrow to do more, once the arms are nice and solid, to either do the other arms or the sleeves. I will probably use plasticard to do the cuffs, like the lapels, as it will be easier than trying to sculpt them (for me at least). I don't know if I'll do the canes (that is too easy, simply cut down spears) pointing down or to the back at this point. I also haven't decided if I'm going to do hair or shoes either.

With the new army rumors going around, it looks like my idea for groupies is going to have to change - but not radically. I'm now thinking of doing a unit of wraiths as groupies - and picked up three blisters of dark elf harpies (2 per blister) to convert to groupies - cut off the wings (without ruining the arms) and I'll have six topless chicks.

Don't know about the roadies however. The new hunched over ones could actually work (though I have 6 blisters of the old ones), carrying amps etc on their backs. I may do them with an empty base every other one though, to space them out a bit (the base will be equipment, etc). Just thoughts.

Ok, some new pics - tophats and arms. For the tophats they are simply thin plasticard that I used a hole punch on, then cut off the tops of the skeleton heads. Then make a roll of greenstuff, wait until it had dried about 2/3 of the way, cut it into sections and glue on.

Most of the arms are actually off of Tomb Kings sprues - they have the open hands for their archers. I have a bunch of tomb kings stuff because several times now I have won a tournament with product as the prize, and they didn't have skeletons of zombies, so I took Tomb Kings for skeletons. So I got a Battalion box of Tomb Kings when I won "Favorite army" at the 2007 Marauders Mayhem, and another box of Tomb Kings Skeletons (and empire soldiers to use as zombies) when I won the Warhammer tournament at GenCon 2007. Anyway, I liked these arms better, just for the open hands. I need to make sleeves now, as well as the right arms.





  1. Sid: 1/21/08
    WOW, that is an awsome coversion idea,
    how are you going to get the l.e.d idea to work? if you take someone out of the unit it will break the circuit?? i didnt know zombies conducted electricity

    Maxim Von Cartstein : 1/21/08
    Wow, I like them alot whats going in their right hands?


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