Carpe Noctem: Paint her up

Well the Golden Zombie competition made me get up off my lazy butt (at least slightly) and paint her up.

There are some details I like a lot, and some other parts I'm not that thrilled with. The overall skin is ok, not sure what I'm going to do unit wise though. Maybe pick up some flesh wash, my son loves the look of it. I do think the nipples came out good without being too much. The finger and toenails didn't quite look as good as I want - I like the foot but making them individual right now just doesn't quite look right


The tramp stamp on the back isn't what I want either - but I need to pick up a new fine brush for the details - and my freehand painting really sucks. Plus at this level I'm not sure how much I can even paint on for it to work.


The heart tatoo on her ankle I thought was a nice little detail.

I'm still working on figuring out how to really do the tie-dye for the shirt - this will need to be across all the rest of the unit.
Meanwhile, I've got the bodies done for the first skeleton unit (the picture was before I finished the last 8 figures):

I thought of using plasticard to do the lapels. Next is either the arms or the hats - not sure which to do first.


  1. WarplockMOnkey : 01/01/08
    Those skellies are going to look great once they are finished, but are you going to make them look more varied, or are you trying to make them all look the same?

    Also, whats the standard, musician and champ going to look like?

    puggimer: 01/02/08
    I want them all lined up - they are all dancing after all. As for the command - I haven't quite decided on that yet.


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