Carpe Noctem: No LEDs :-(

Unfortunately I don't think the LED idea is going to work - the ones I've found are simply too big. At is interesting that I think I've found some mini-bulbs (like from mag-lights) that could work, without some of the other requirements (like needing resistors etc). However the other issue is that all the ones I've found are about $2.00 - $3.00 each - and when I'm looking at 40 of them, this is starting to look to be a bit pricey. Also, I'm not sure how to hide the wires either. So I haven't completely abandoned the idea, I haven't done any more on it yet.

As for the right hands on the skeletons - those will hold canes. I probably won't do the hook end, more likely just plain straight black with a white tip on the top. I'm thinking like the old Vaudeville tap dancers etc.


  1. Arion: 1/21/2008
    They look very effective as a unit , they create a nice 'effect'.


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