Carpe Noctem: New release ideas?

no progress lately, but I'm looking for ideas. With the release coming up next month, I'd like to maybe have a Varghulf. However, I'm having a real hard time thinking of how to convert one that would fit the theme. Does anyone have any suggestions? Teddy bears are already taken for the dire wolves, so that is out.


  1. SethDrallitoc: 1/29/08
    As an idea for hiding batteries. How about speaker units?

    puggimer: 1/29/08
    Hmmm. I was actually planning on getting some cheap speakers for my iPod and actually play Grateful Dead music when setting up and displaying the army - have them in scaffolding around the stage.

    Trentonator: 1/30/08
    OMG you're amazing! just wow...

    puggimer: 1/30/08
    awww shucks :redface:

    Trentonator: 2/7/08
    I dunno, I just love that pose for the skeletons!

    Master Vampire: 2/8/08
    Well I think 'lone' monsters and characters are best for the band itself?

    The Varghulf might make a good drummer or something :mrgreen:

    I have to say I love the Skeletons haha... the posing is funny, just like their clothes haha.

    darkmark: 2/8/08
    maybe you could set up a retro 70s disco dancefloor on the bases? Should be fairly easy to do me thinks.

    puggimer: 2/12/08
    The problem with a disco dancefloor it is doesn't fit the music, and is 10 years too late as well. I may actually just do normal dirt/static grass bases - and make it an outdoor concert.

    And the Varghulf as a drummer - I like that idea. I want to see how the Corpse Cart actually works - is it actually core or a necromancer mount - if only a mount then that my be the drum set.

    Skaramak von Carstein: 2/12/08
    You could look at having a scenic piece for the centre of the unit (pillar, descending stair, etc) which would allow you to add a battery, and possibly lighting from there.

    Speaker/lighting pieces on the corners of the movement tray could also work (speakers with spots on the top?)

    Boo: 2/14/08
    Woke up abit tired and angry this morning. But this totally made my day. Awesome skellies. Great work on the "dancers" :D


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