Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Da Warpath: more WIP pics

a couple more wip pics:

First the crabs (i.e. spiders for spider riders):

user posted image

and also the bases and movement tray for the crabs (yes, the space is for the goblin on Gigantic crab - haven't started on him yet (I was planning on using a tomb scorpion for the crab, but with the new Tomb Kings only a month away . . . )

user posted image

With any luck I'll get the sculpting on the sharks finished tonight.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Da Warpath: first pics

I realized I had some pics on my phone.

First the Arachnarok spider:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I decided to leave the spider body and head as it looked much creepier than would a smooth body and tiny head for a real lobster. I'm also going to have it holding the empire figure from the giant kit (the one in the giant's hand), as it is already struggling to get out of the claw.

Then the giant:

user posted image

And the NG boss on Giant Squig:

user posted image

Da Warpath: Starting Da Beach Boyz

Da Warpath

Since I started talking about my new army in a thread on building the list, I figured I might as well actually start talking about it.

I like making themed armies. I've won some local painting / best army awards, but I'm not anywhere near a professional level painter, and definitely not a top tier player. (I have only won two games in 8th edition so far) (but haven't started playing my new O&G).

I don't have any pictures of the new stuff yet, but if you want to see my other armies:

First my old Orc & Goblin army : Da United Greenskin Postal Service

Next, my vampire counts : The Grateful Undead

I also have an Ogre Kingdom army, but the theme is fairly weak : The FireEater Ogres

and back when Rackham still existed and Confrontation was a skirmish game, I had a decent Wolven army : Wolfen of Yllia

So, what/why Da Beach Boyz? Last year a local player who consistently kicks my butt both at converting/painting as well as playing was asking some suggestions for theming a squig hopper unit in an Orc pirate army. Two immediate suggestions came to mine - the first was squid hoppers, and the second was night goblins "Jumping the shark" as it were - or riding sharks.

Once that idea came to me, a flood of other conversions just kept rolling in. A giant as a mermaid. Spider riders riding crabs. Orcs on Jet Skis. An orc cheerleader as Pamela Anderson from baywatch. Savage orcs with barbells as muscle beach. Goblin surfers. I couldn't help myself, and a new army was born. However since this was the end of 7th edition and I knew a new book would be due out fairly soon after 8th came out, I didn't do much until it did.

I started on the giant - converting it from an old Ariel ("the little mermaid") doll for the tail. Converting the front halves of spiders into crabs.

Now that the book is out, I am finalizing the list and getting excited about doing this. The Giant is nearly finished (needs more/longer hair, and I still need to find some seashells the right size for the bra (the breasts are made from extra spider abdomens).

The arachnarok spider, which was not originally an idea, became a giant lobster. That is converted and ready for painting once the weather warms up.

The crabs are complete, and I need to do the riders. I am currently working on sculpting the sharks out of squigs.

I'll try to get some pictures up soon.