We've been reinforced

Sometimes I can't help myself, and other times it is necessary.  I already talked about replacing some models in some of my armies with new ones here.  Well I don't want it to be said that I don't accept criticism and that I don't listen to feedback.

When we had the first How You Use It! tournament at Origins 2017 my demo armies actually had to be competitive against each other.  When doing demos the balance doesn't matter if it is fairly close (i.e. you don't want one army that is either indestructible or wipes out everyone else in a few turns), however for this tournament they needed to be a bit better.

So I've updated the two lists that had comments about them, the Forces of Nature and the Kingdoms of Men.  It is kind of funny that these are also the ones that had been updated recently - go figure.

The biggest feedback on nature was the lack of anybody that can cast Surge.  Of course when I saw this, I couldn't help but want to respond with, "In my day back in first edition, only undead had surge and they were proud of it.  All the other shambling units just dealt with being slow.  And I had to walk uphill (both ways) to play a game you young whippersnappers!" I didn't, but wanted to.

So the druid went back in with surge(7).  I used to have him in the army in first edition (it is the Keris model from the first Kings of War kickstarter).
I do have the new druid model, but he was already finished.
I am also in the process of working on a Trident Realms demo army, and I don't really like having the same troops in multiple armies for demos.  So the Naiads needed to come out as well, both the heartpiercers and the serpent riders, as these were going in the Trident Realms army.

I had picked up a Trident Realms army box, so I took the water elementals from there and put them in the Nature army instead, as the elementals really fit that theme.
I like that they aren't humanoid, and really look like waves.  I did each in a different shade of blue
I love the fish (and octopus) in the water
I was still short on points though. One of the other main points in a Nature army is the monsters - greater elementals, beasts of nature, and hydras.  And a light bulb went off over my head (and no, not just because I had replaced the old fluorescent overhead light in the kitchen with a new LED version). I had bought an extra hydra with my Swords & Sorcery pledge just because I thought it was cool, but I didn't have a use for it - well until now.

I thought about using it as a beast of nature (having wings and all), but since it was a hydra it should be a hydra.  This of course meant cutting off the wings (and replacing the base).  Soaking it in hot water made cutting the wings quite easy, and a bit of green stuff filled in the gaps.  I also re-positioned the tail over the back, to both hide the green stuff a bit, and to make it fit better on a 50 x 100 base (no way this could fit on a 50 x 50 unfortunately).

against the 75 x 75 base - still overlaps to the front and back too much

The 50 x 100 (chariot) base works pretty well.  Still overlaps to the front a little.
Each head was painted a different shade of green.  Some of them ended up being a bit too subtle of a difference.  Since this is just for a demo army, I didn't do anything beyond base coat and wash on it, though it deserves more.
For what is essentially a board gaming piece, I really like it.
each of the heads has it's own personality
The tail whipping around the body, making room to actually get other miniatures in contact with it
so from not sure what I would use it for to being painted and part of an army in a week :-) 
So now I have my new nature army.

My Kingdoms of Men list needed some love however.  Too much chaff was the biggest issue.  I am fairly restricted however on what models I can get for this, as the Ex Ilis line is out of print and pretty much sold out.

First though I consolidated the two troops of militia mob into a single regiment to free up some points, as well as swapping out the wizards Fireball for Lightning Bolt (for free) instead of buying it. I then when on the bay of e to see if I could find any models - and was able to get 6 more billmen - then I checked on the ex illis facebook page and messaged them, and was able to get an english reinforcement box - which had 8 more - so enough to increase the Pole-Arms Block to a horde.  This then made an even 1000 pts.

My hope is less chaff (the one regiment instead of two troops), and the higher nerve and more attacks from the horde of pole-arms will better balance the list out (even with a De of 3+, the 20/22 nerve should keep them around a little while against most other armies).

The big test will be to see what kind of feedback I get from the How You Use It! tournament at Gencon next week.

Because it is all fun and games . . .