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Mantic held another semi-annual open day this past weekend (same as last year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving).  Usually I'm jumping all over pictures trying to share them - but this year there didn't seem to be much.  I think that the big reveals all came out last week before the open day.

It seems the cabinets were mostly filled with existing releases.  There were some new Star Saga and Walking Dead sculpts however.  In addition there are some pictures Mantic has put up on their Instagram feed.

First the Walking Dead: All Out War

First is a painted version of Brian 'the governor' Blake - from the "prelude to Woodbury" single player starter.  I wasn't impressed with the pictures of the unpainted mini - but the studio paint job really makes him look like the character in the comics.

There are some renders of the retail exclusive Michonne, with her two walkers as well as a painted up version of everyone's favorite badass with a Katana!

They did have the minis for 'handless' Rick and a much better pose for Negan painted up as well.

The 'mutilated' governor (after he has a little run in with Michonne) was also on display - this sculpt is right out of the comic!

I don't play the Telltale Games Walking Dead game, but apparently there are producing a version of Clementine from it

This is from the instagram feed - and I really look forward to Ezekiel and Shiva coming out.

The only other new stuff that I could find any pictures of were some painted up models from Star Saga.

Some of the mercenaries

Another shot

Security guards
All three poses

and Lab techs

Finally, there is a video up of the Kings of War Seminar with Matt Gilbert and Nick Williams on Facebook: Kings of War Seminar

If you don't want to watch the video (or cannot get to it)  - I did save (i.e. stole from his facebook post) Nick's summary of the session

  • Tournament book coming early next year (Feb I think was mentioned). Contains new scenarios, new artefacts, new spells and puts the CoK changes down in writing. Playing with the changes is opponents consent only.
  • After that we have Trident Realms being launched with full army release in Feb, individual units in March.
  • Campaign book in April I think? Contains background for the summer campaign as well as some scenarios, some living legends etc.
  • Sourcebook towards the end of the year. 200+ pages of background fluff, including what's happening "now" and a chapter for each army.
  • Salamander army release towards the end of the year.
  • Mantic are bringing resin casting in-house from January and will be making some kits (particularly large infantry or larger) in resin. Once the molds wear out for some existing metal kits, such as Wyrm Riders, they'll convert them to resin.
  • Kings of War skirmish at some point next year. Will be used to develop hard plastic sprues for many armies, as well as some resin characters.
  • Siege rules will be done after skirmish. The RC wants to not just do the "Siege" scenario (that's actually an assault scenario) but also all the little scenarios around that, including sallies from the castle, small incursions, camp raids etc.
  • The RC wants to do a new unit for each of the core races (main rulebook + Trident Realms + Nightstalkers), but also bring them all up to the same number of units. This means some armies, such as Orcs and surprisingly Goblins, will get multiple new units. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but Ronnie did agree to flying gore riders for Orcs :)

There was a huge King of War game going on, and lots of pictures of that were posted on Facebook. But new, exciting reveals - well you can tell how excited I am about any of them because I was able to wait until Monday to post them instead of getting them out as quick as I could.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Great pics! Thanks for posting!

  2. Why are there heads so massive?

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