The campaign is coming, the campaign is coming

In another dimension lays a world different from our own, where gods mingle with the creations below them. Good and evil are defined in shades of gray. And race divides the sentient, not by mere colors of skin, but by fur, horns, scales and even wings. In this land, for most, war is not a quest for glory and gain, but a quest for survival.

This is the world of Mantica.
In velvet darkness, beyond the peering eyes of mortals, two beings stare into each other’s eyes. Blood, not red but silvery light, lazily dances down their bodies from gashes and cuts throughout their torsos, arms and legs. Weapons still held firm in the grips of their hands.
Once again, the immortals lunge at each other, colliding in balls of energy. Weapons ring like bells through the universe, alerting gods across space and time of their discourse and enmity.
Only one will win…the other will die.

The gods feel the staring eyes of an audience as other immortals draw near in curiosity. But, they know, should they lose focus, it will be they who perish.

Muscles and sinew strong enough to lift entire mountains upon their back now grow weary. Their once feather-like weapons grow heavy in their hands. A divine shield, now an anchor to an arm, is slow to rise to parry their opponent’s long blade striking high…the top rim arrives too late…the blade dips into a skull which no mortal could penetrate. Yet, this is no mortal blade and the blade dives deep.

A flash of light is released that can be seen throughout the universe. A sword slips from a dying hand…a helmet falls from a bloodied head…a shield slides from a lifeless grip. Immortal hands rip a breastplate from a fading torso.

A god like this is never truly destroyed, merely prevented from healing. A blade slices both arms at the shoulders, both legs from the torso…the head from the neck.
The pieces are hurled to the farthest reaches of the world below and a vow from victorious lips swears to never allow them to meet again.
In the evening, eyes of different color and shape, spread across the continent, gaze with wonder at the small lights glowing in the darkness. The lights move slowly in the sky, marking the seasons of change, only noticeable to a trained eye in the ways of cosmology and the reading of the stars. But tonight, yes, tonight, some of those lights are moving, shifting…colliding…FALLING. Tonight those curious eyes looking up at the night sky that span the continent, they see something different. Glowing balls of fire cast down from the gods above.

One crashes into a deep forest, another into a lake, yet another tears into the side of a mountain. Ten in all, fly to meet their destiny with the surface of Mantica.

Are the gods themselves once again bringing their war to this world?

Or, is it as written, that the power of the gods will shift to the mortal beings of this world…to those who find their secrets first?


So what, exactly, is this?  Several TO's thought of this before Adepticon, and have since pushed it so that there are more than 32 sites world wide, including six countries and 19 states.  All eight regions of the US Masters are represented.

The campaign is designed to be interactive, where every location means something. A location can be as small as 2 players playing in their basement to as large as could fit in a stadium!

Each location will have a "location leader" who has access to input the results of the wins for Good and wins for Evil in a Google spreadsheet doc that we've already created.

Based on the results, bonuses for each region and the campaign overall are given to the "winning sides" going into the next round. Some bonuses will remain on units for the rest of the campaign. In the end, the winner of the final game WINS the campaign.

CCX 56 - US Day of Gaming - July 9th

Schedule Start Times based on North American Time Zones:

  • 12:00PM – 9:00PM: East Coast
  • 11:00AM – 8:00PM Central
  • 10:00AM – 7:00pm Mountain
  • 9:00AM – 6:00PM: West Coast
  • 1st Scenario : 1 Hour Scout Scenario; 1k
    • 15 minute cutoff – (participating groups check in for tabulation)
  • 2nd Scenario : 1 Hour “Take the Terrain” Scenario; 1k
    • 2:15pm EST – “Lunch” 1 Hour 3:15pm EST (participating groups check in for tabulation)
  • 3rd Scenario : 1.5 Hour “Modified Loot” Scenario 1.5k 
    • 15 minute break - (participating groups check in for tabulation)
  • 4th Scenario : 2 Hour “Modified Invade” 2k
    • 15 minute break - (participating groups check in for tabulation)
  • 5th Scenario : 1:45 “Modified Last Stand”; 1.5k 
    • Also prepare a 200 point and 300 point potential “side board”
  • End of the event - participating groups report in for final results.

Dayton Ohio Event - this is the one I'll be heading up.  So everyone come out

Because it is all fun and games . . .