Adepticon 2016 pt 3

There was more going on at Adepticon this year than just the Clash of King Championship for Kings of War.

On Thursday was the first annual Team Tournament at Adepticon.  For once it was a Kings of War tournament I was NOT running, so my son Jon and I went in together.  Trying to decide what to bring - I figured it was time to bring my drunk Dwarfs out of mothballs.  So I brewed some beer (my signature Bourbon Red Ale and a new Tsudochan Trappist Tripel) and Jon created a nature army consisting of Pale Ale and Amber Lager Beer Elementals (water elementals), Hops Elementals (Forest Shamblers), Keg elemental (Greater Earth Elemental) and a couple of druids.  These were added to my horde of drunk dwarfs (Ironclad), bottle shooters (rangers), shieldbreakers (beer hammers), cannon, organ gun and engineer.

Team Drunk on display board
As a team we didn't do anything like coordinating t-shirts - however we did use a couple of beer horns.
Beer Horn with strap and holder
Jon actually did a pretty good job of making his beer elementals match the two styles of beer that I made (the Bourbon Red Ale was for the team tournament, the Tsudochan Trappist Tripel was for the Dreadball tournament on Friday)
Amber Lager and Pale Ale elementals
We did get a picture of use next to the display before the tournament began.
Jon is the tall bald one, I'm the shorter, greying bald guy.
As the tournament got started, so did sharing of the beer.  A lot of people came by admiring the army, display board, and even more the fresh beer tap.  I went through about 3/4 of the keg in the day - which wasn't too bad.  Jon and I went 1-1-1.  Unfortunately I got a little too much into playing and didn't manage to take any more pictures.  We came in the middle of the pack, but really enjoyed it.

I did bring the Tripel for the Dreadball tournament.  Five games - I went 2-3-0 with Tsudochan.  The three games I lost were all to Mutant teams.  Once more I managed to not take any pictures.

Saturday night was the 2nd annual Mantic Night - and I was again running a Kings of War Mega Battle.  Again we had good v evil - and so far the record was Good had 4 wins, Evil had none, and both teams lost against a bunch of giants.  So evil was due to win.

I wanted to shake things up a bit, so we played Kings of War soccer.  There were 7 tokens on the board - once a unit touched a token they scored a point for their side and the token then moved in a random direction 4D6".  The same side could not touch the same token twice in a turn.

Evil took the first turn, and started off with an impressive 5 point lead.  They continued to dominate, getting most of the random token moves back into their side of the board.

Deployment and first turn

Did I really just roll that?

Ogres Smash!

Sue counting her hits

and I charge here

Ronnie was having some fun (I have this shirt as well! :-) )

All the way down the table after the snacks came out

The side for the forces of good, not able to score much

Everyone rolling at once.
At the end of the game, the Forces of Evil won with 23 points v. the Forces of Good with 16 pts.  But a good time was had by all, and balance is starting to be restored with a record now of 4-1-1 (Good/Evil/Tie).
The forces of Evil gloating with their victory (finally) over the forces of Evil.
Adepticon 2016 was a blast, and we are already talking about what we want to do next year to make it even bigger and better for Mantic and Kings of War.

Because it is all fun and games . . .