November SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Wow, is it November already?  From the weather outside it sure doesn't seem so. While the leaves are falling, we are still expecting temperatures in the 70s this week - though who am I to complain about good weather?  So while everyone tries to ignore that leftover halloween candy and we see what impact, if any, the election has (is Ohio going to pot?) lets talk about games.

Let's talk about games baby
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about games

Ok, now that earworm is stuck in your head as well as mine - the big news is the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter.  It is shipping.  This kickstarter is shipping in one wave, though some people may be receiving two shipments.  If you are at all paying attention to Mantic on the interwebs then you should be seeing all sorts of pictures and posts as people get their A and B boxes.  You will also notice that none of them are in the US.  The boat containing our shipments is scheduled to arrive in LA from China on the 5th.  Mantic provided a link to the tracker on the ship, but either it is out of range (most likely), not updating it's position (also likely), or it has decided to deliver it's cargo to Davy Jones instead because the tracker hasn't changed since Oct 26th, when it was just passing South Korea.

So for the kickstarter backers in the US, you should expect one or two shipments.  The first is coming from the UK, and I have heard that some people have already gotten it (not that there is any favoritism in shipping to the US National Kings of War Champion before your friendly local pathfinder at all).  This contains any of the 'Extras' that you may have purchased beyond the base game, and any of the expansions IF you did not get ALL of them.  Your second shipment, after the slow boat from China (literally) gets here, then it gets sent to Chicago (why they can't ship from LA instead of sending it all to Chicago first is beyond me) and sorted and labelled.  These are either box A or B.  Box A is the base game with all the included free extras.  Box B is everything in Box A plus all three of the additional expansions (including a second, kickstarter exclusive, book box (to make up for not getting one for each expansion as is expected for the retail release)).  So if you did not order all the expansions - you get box A and the expansions you did order in the separate shipment.  If you ordered all three expansions then you get Box B, and the extras are separate.  So I'd like to talk about how much fun this game is and the fantastic components - but since I still have nothing myself - I'll just sit here and enjoy my new armies from the Kings of War kickstarter wave 2.

Oh wait - we haven't gotten those either.  Last update said they expect the rest of the new plastics to arrive by the middle of the month, and the metal models are in progress.  They expect to ship wave 2 by the end of November - so anyone who ordered Abyssals or Nature armies should definitely have they before Christmas.

Did I mention that the dragons are shipping in wave 2, as well as general release for the elf and abyssal dwarf versions? (sorry Basilean players, your new dragon is not scheduled for release until next year along side the new army box).  I've put up pictures on my blog of the new models - it is a bit difficult waiting for these cool new toys.

Unearthed Empires is being released at the end of this month as well - so be sure to have your FLGS order you a copy or two.  This is sure to be a popular item as it is a 'retailer exclusive' - meaning it is NOT part of any Kickstarter.  Just like the Orc Skulks, Undead Soul Reaver Infantry, Dwarf Sharpshooters, Ogre Hunters and Undead Zombie Trolls.

Due to wave 2 taking soooooo long to get here, we are postponing starting our next escalation league for a month.  Come on by the Hobby Shop Monday evenings (6 pm to 10pm) in Novemember to get in some practice games, but the real games start in December.  Check the league web page ( )for the new packet and schedule coming soon.  (I will not be there on Monday Nov 9th however as I am out of town).

IndyWarCon was cancelled, but the Kings of War tournament is still being held - check out the faceboook event ( ) for full information.

This is the second tournament in the area that has been cancelled because it was attached to a WFB GT that did not get sufficient pre-registrations to pay for the venue.  While it is unfortunate to see events that fail due to lack of participation, it does start to wonder when we will begin to have enough of a tournament scene to be able to fund the venues ourselves for one or two day events.  Most stores can only handle a small number of people, so if these grow it requires us to move to other venues - and they cost money.  Redstone Rumble down in Alabama just had the larges Kings of War tournament to date with 40 players, so it is definitely possible.

If you like the tournament scene - make sure you have marked your calendar for Adepticon 2016.  This will be March 31st - April 3rd.  Thursday is the debut of the Kings of War doubles tournament, and Saturday and Sunday mark the Clash of Kings Championship.  Plus there is a Dreadball tournament on Friday, and the ever popular Mantic Night (which I believe is Saturday night).  Make sure to check out for the latest information (and right now Kings of War is on the front page!).  Registration begins November 23rd at 8pm CST (9pm for those of us in Ohio).  The swag bags quickly sell out - so get your registration in early.

For those few of you that are interested in something other than fantasy games - Dreadball season 6 is coming!  The new teams (Ada-Lorana (who can become ghosts), Tsudochan (telekinetics), Crystallans (who get more powerful when close together) and Koris (portal spinners)) look to really mix it up a bit.  With this release there are now 25 teams available for Dreadball, so surely there is one you like.  And have you picked up your copy of the Dreadball Xtreme players manual yet?  This book has the stats for four new sponsors, plus the rules to make your own, as well as the stats and costs for EVERY dreadball model released.  So if you want to field your team with Nameless Sticky Guards and Unincorporated Strikers now is your chance (if you have the credits to afford them).

Deadzone and Warpath are quiet at the moment - both of them are in the development phase of their latest kickstarter, although Deadzone is scheduled to start shipping in January, which is not that far out.  Expect to see the new beta rules for Deadzone coming out soon for public testing.  What I've seen of the alpha version so far makes it look like a much cleaner and straight forward system, clearing up some of the biggest issues in the present version.  Yes, cards are gone, but you won't miss them!

Did you see some of the great vehicles that were funded in the WarPath kickstarter?  While I'm not one to generally like elves, I think I just may play Asterians in WarPath (they have such cool toys, even if they are space elves).  Tanks, tunnellers, rolling hamster wheels and drop ships are all coming next year.  I've never been much into sci-fi games before, but this just push me over the edge.  (I know, people have said I've been over the edge for a long time now!)

Don't forget to take a moment to give thanks to your family and friends, not just for playing games but for all they do in your life.  This month does have the American celebration of glutony and football, so take the day to be with those you love - and then get back to gaming!

Because it is all fun and games …
Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder


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