Gem City Mayssacre 2024 Fluff

The Gem City Mayssacre 2024 very quickly sold out (which was great).  However, Scott Sallee  wrote up several run promotional posts centered around his Halfling army.  Facebook posts end up quickly getting lost, so I thought I'd copy them here. ___________________________________ April 27, 2024 A cool spring breeze rushes in the window sending the parchment papers fluttering off the desk.   The Watch Master for the 11th division of the Shire’s defense force, sits behind the desk seemingly oblivious to the papers floating around the room.  In his hands, the small clamshell picture frame, the left side a portrait of his wife, the right side, his Ma and PA.   His stare, that of a man hundred of league’s away from his hearts true love.   A rapping on the door startles him, bringing him back to the small room he calls his office.   One of the few private room the Prancing Dragon had, before it became the head quarters for the Shire 11th.   The Public House, once a year waystation for tr

Gem City Mayssacre 2024