Origins 2022, not quite back to normal

The second weekend in June, in Columbus OH, Origins was back again.  Closer to normal than last year when it was held in October, but the number of attendees, vendors and games were still down from the before times.  (Also, it was a week earlier in June - kind of odd to not have it over Father's day weekend). Of course the Ohio War Kings were there, running a variety of events.    Origins went to a new (how many of these have they gone through now?) scheduling system,, which I have seen for MUCH smaller conventions (I can't help but wonder if this was the largest convention they had ever done, since it is the 2nd largest in the US after all).  Submitting events was fairly easy, and I could see them on-line to make corrections as well (so we didn't end up double scheduling anyone, or inadvertently removing events when we wanted to add new ones).  It would be nice if it allowed GM's (not just event organizers) to see their events, but still it wasn't b

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