Ogre Here, Ogre There

 I just can't wait to get Ogre Ogre there. I few weeks ago I reviewed the new hard plastic  Ogre Chariot  regiment kit from Mantic.  At the time I only had one of the two new Ogre sprues.  Well  Mantic Games  was nice enough to send me a pair of sprues so I could actually finish my review of the new ogres! The box will contain two sprues - each which makes 3 ogres (so the six needed for a horde).  There are enough bits to make ALL of them equipped with standard Sword & Board (i.e. hand weapon and shield), two handed weapons, or blunderbusses (i.e. boomers). Sprue 1 has the female bodies on it (my previous review only had sprue 2).  However it has 6 more heads (giving you 10 heads for 6 bodies), and all the weapons are different than on the other sprue. Once again, the arms are matched by letter and number, the first sprue being A-C, the second D-F.  To help you match up the left and right arms, all the bodies use the same numbering scheme # Part 1 Body 2/3 2 Handed Weapons 4/5

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