Gem City Massacre 2021

This past weekend was the fifth annual Gem City Massacre (with the exception of last year, which the entire world basically skipped!).  Once again it was held at Epic Loot  in Centerville, and run by the Ohio War Kings.  We has 12 players for a great time. Front L-R - Dan White, Kara Brown, Jessica Barnes, Steve Malone, Grace Patterson, Felix Castro. Back L-R - Jeff Franz, Kyle Przlentski, Erich Trowbridge, Eric Reiss, Tom Ziegler, Jon Carter, Paul Cravo We made some Holiday themed trophies, reflecting the Christmas spirit.  Plus being Christmas, everyone walked away with something! We started a little late (I had all the mats/terrain but couldn't set up the night before because I was flying home after spending the week out of town for work), but the games went very smoothly. Round 1 underway Jeff Franz (Nightstalkers) challenged Erich Trowbridge (Goblins) Jessica Barnes challenged Grace Patterson for girl on girl, nature on nature action! Dan White (Abyssal Dwarfs) v Tom Ziegler (

Kicking it into Overdrive