In a galaxy far, far away . . .

A long time ago . . .  well more like a few weeks ago, I got in an order from Mantic with some prizes for the War Kings IV GT (and a great time was had by all).  By what happened to be a lucky mistake, they mispacked the terrain crate templates I ordered.  Instead of getting the Fantasy Templates, I instead received a set of the Sci-Fi  templates. As I was taking the pictures (an no, I did not remember to take one before I opened the bag holding everything), I noticed something on the back  This made me very happy.  Not even so much due to the cheesy pun (and I love cheesy puns!) but it harkened back to the 1st edition days when everything came in VCR style boxes - and there was a joke in the fine print of every package.  The last time I saw one was almost four years ago, on the Nightstalker fiends package  (I posted that April 11, 2019).   This was something they slipped in quietly on all their early packaging, but unfortunately it seemed to be a bit too quiet.  No one knew it was th

A New Hope