Revenge of the Furballs

  The fifth (wow, really?  It seems like The Graveyard Shift barely came out (even though it was over three years ago)) volume of this series continues to follow the loser Lloyd, his manager the talking cockroach Kevin, and the DeeDee, the karate chopping bombshell.  It seems like they just saved the day (yet again), and once more everything is a mess. In fact the pace of the books seems to be increasing - with this one picking up not even a day after the end of the previous book, but just a few hours later.  So no rest for the wicked, or at least those trying to keep them at bay. I really liked that several of the minor characters from the previous books are back (I really enjoyed the poker scene), giving the world a bit of continuity beyond the main characters.  I would think that having played a larger role in the previous two books, the angel would have a name by now (or at least a nickname, not just a title).  However the development of the character is fairly strong.  It is reall

Hero Falling

Hoosier Daddy