Broken Alliance

The latest novel set in Mantic's Kings of War universe is Broken Alliance by Scott H Washburn, with eBooks available at Zmok books or Amazon , and dead trees editions to be out soon. This books takes us to a less explored area of the continent of Mantica in the world of Pannithor,   It is the story of the break between the Halflings of the shires and the League of Rhordia, something that has happened very recently in the history of this fantasy world.  The 3rd edition League of Rhordia army list (in Uncharted Empires) no longer had many of the halfling units that were in the previous edition, and in Clash of Kings 2021 edition, the new Halfling army was released, adding back the missing units and greatly expanding on the available options. Focusing entirely on Aeron Cadwallader, a halfling cadent at the College of Warcraft in the city of Eowolf in the League of Rhordia.  The first half of the book reads more like a biography than a standard fantasy novel, due tot he sole focus on

Trolling the net

View from the storm