Grand Prix of Michigan 2022

This past weekend we ran the Kings of War Grand Prix of Michigan, and once again it was a blast.  We had 20 players at the Lansing Convention Center with the other events of the Michigan GT (including Tournaments for Armada, Firefight and Deadzone as well).  Front - Dave Baker, Rob Phaneuf, Donny Krosch, Matt Temple, Mike Hodgman, Kris Kapsner.  Middle - Jason Black, Matt Hodgman, Dylan Scribner, Blake Shrode, Eric Reiss, Daniel Bryan, Scott Schnlichter, Nathan Johnson.  Back - Jon Carter, Jeff Franz, Tom Ziegler, Marshall Temple, Erich Trowbridge, Kris Degrow We got started bright early at 9 am on Saturday Erich Trowbridge v Marshall Temple Rob Phaneuf v Dave Baker Jason Black v Kris DeGrow Dan Bryan v Tom Ziegler Nathan Johnson v Jeff Franz Matt Hodgman v Kris Kapsner Jon Carter v Donny Krosch Matt Temple v Eric Reiss Dyklan Scribner v Scott Schlichter Blake Shrode v Mike Hodgman After the first round, we took a lunch break and everyone set up their armies for paint judging and favor