Adepticlash 2024

Once again wargamers from across the country, and even across the world, gathered in Schaumberg IL for the biggest wargaming convention in the world.   And once again Mantic sponsored the Adepticlash championship. 39 players gathered for five rounds of battle to determine who was the best. Even after five rounds of tough games, everyone was smiling.  Even the guy in the back row that managed to sneak into the picture. Round 1 got started.   Corey Reynolds v Adam Ballard Rob Phaneuf v Blake Shrode Christian Moisan v Janner Holiday Connor Murphy v Felix Castro Grant Fetter v Kenny Lull Alan Wigness v Brinton Williams Dariusz Bienkowski v Dan Zarembski Erik Greiner v Eric Town Jason Black v Grace Patterson Jeff Schiltgen v Jeremy Duvall Jesse Berglund v Steven de la Garza Je;ff Swan v Jason birr Kyle Pietsch v Jonathon Neesen Kyle Ritchey v Marshall Temple Richard Pennertz v Drew Richardson Matthew Temple v Lam Choon Voon Sean Vilmont v Shannon Shoemaker Steve Malone v Javier Ancizu Verge